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Saturday, July 19

Strength For Life

On today’s run I listened to this free audio review of Shawn Philip’s book Strength For Life
He had some great ideas about fitness.


Be Honest About Your Base
Not everyone can be an Olympian I definitely need to re-exam my abilities. Thinking seriously of having V02 max test done.

To Old ?
By looking at his image I would guess he’s over 40. So his opinion on aging is from his own experience. “Forget your age # think lifestyle!”

Focus on the now - not the past or future. He uses meditation as a tool in the gym and believes it can help you improve your fitness level.

Sounds like a good read.

Unfortunately, I hesitate to order fitness books because they generally include a diet section that is incompatibly with my beliefs... (I’m a vegetarian.)
I was able to download an excerpt from the book and discovered, by looking at the table of contents, at least 39 pages related to diet stuff. To bad...