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Wednesday, August 27

Need a Protein Boost

As a Vegetarian, it’s easy to fall into the carb trap.
Hungry… munch on a handful of pretzels. Starving… slice of toast with jam. Really hungry…a bowl of cheerios sprinkled with chocolate chips.
But lately I’ve been noticing an increase in flat out exhausted moments – all I want to do is rest or eat more carbs.
(We all know that dead zone feeling after a sugar rush high.)
So for the rest of this week going to see if increasing my protein intake makes any difference.
Today’s Breakfast Protein Amounts

Grand total = 21 grams of Protein!

Active humans need around 0.1 gram of protein for every kilo you weigh. So I need around 54 grams. Hey, almost half way there!

More sources of Vegetarian protein

Trader Joe's Soya Protein Powder

kara image Soya Protein