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Tuesday, May 26

Adam Jacobs

I did a site review on The Final Sprint in March 2007. It was one of my favorite places for interviews and podcasts with athletes. (Podcast with Galen Rupp) He always asked just the right questions. Adam, the editor-in-chief was approachable, intelligent and had a keen sense for what was interesting for runners at all levels.
So I was sad to hear he had died. (He was only 24 years old…)
He left a comment on my post thanking me for the kind words. (I actually complained about the blinky advertising.) In the end he encouraged me to keep on writing, even offering me an opportunity to write for his site. That meant a lot to me!
Thanks Adam for connecting with us - your love of the sport running lives on.
A really nice tribute - The Red Fox

"The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship."
William Blake