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Saturday, May 9

Food is Fuel

I always shudder when I hear, what runners eat. Like running gives us the license to eat whatever we want.

twitter runners
Runners who tweet

But beware – not all calories are equal. Some provide vitamins and nutrients that does a body good while others can virtually kill you.
½ c of Haagen-dazs Crème Brulee ice cream has 19 grams of fat including 120 mg of cholesterol! This stuff can coat the insides your cardiac arteries.
When I drink carrot juice my face glows.

125 Healthiest Supermarket Foods
Surprisingly, I found this list on healthy eating in Men’s Health magazine. Not that I condone store bought re-fried beans over homemade - but for those who don’t prepare food, this list gives some great suggestions.

And before the big race
"Many runners assume that they must eat a lot of food the night before..... There is nothing you can eat the evening before a race that will help you. But eating to much, or the wrong foods, can be a real problem.”

What crap do you eat?